RAPTURE: “the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence”. This was the name given to Canadian producer and songwriter Robb “Rapture” Hutzal by one of the many emerging artists he produces. This artist, Josef Gordon, felt like he’d been carried away to some heavenly dwelling every time he heard any one of Robb’s brand new bumpin’ beats or masterful compositions; thus Gordon began to refer to his producer singularly as “Robb Rapture”.

Robb began his musical journey at a very young age studying classical piano. At the age of 14, he had begun to channel his passion for all things percussive into a drum kit; and by the age of 16 he was already gigging as a mainstay for a local Calgary hip hop artist. Still just a high school student, Robb toured the UK with the afore mentioned artist. He returned home to Canada more deeply impassioned toward his craft and subsequently began his studies at the Grant MacEwan School of Music in Edmonton. Upon graduating he began experimenting with Jazz and joined a local Jazz and R&B band in his native Calgary.

With a few years of training, touring, learning and preparation under his belt, it was only a natural progression that Robb begin his path to becoming a producer/composer. His first tracks were a mix of trip hop and hip hop; experimental sounds which he began to sell online in 2007. Inspired by his new found love for producing, Robb (along with his wife) made the tough but beneficial decision to pack everything up and move to Hollywood where he would attend the Musicians Institute (MI). There he further studied drumming, music theory and courses in musical production which would later prove invaluable. It was during his time at MI that he met fellow student and guitar major Kellen Mills who soon introduced Robb to songwriter and singer Josef Gordon. Together, the three formed a Songwriting and production entity called the RedElect. The trinity of writers have been hard at work since January '09 styling custom tracks in a variety of genres including rock, pop and R&B. With a steadily growing and impressively dynamic repertoire, the guys were contracted to compose original pieces for the highly successful Firstcom/Universal music library. Spearheaded by Robb's production genius, RedElect successfully placed three original tracks with Firstcom and have since placed songs with 90210, Vampire Diaries, Dancing With The Stars, Access Hollywood, and True Life.

He has continued to produce and compose original scores and songs for clients such as, Freddy Wong, Southwest Airlines, and eBay to name a few. This is only the beginning of the many success stories that this emerging producer and composer will be able to gloat on.