Post date: Aug 16, 2011 8:00:43 PM

While browsing kickstarter one day I came across a short film that had to do with the history of Alberta during the prohibition. Being Canadian (and an Albertan) I was really intrigued and contacted Brett Ferster the director to inquire about composing the score. After talking about his vision for the music and sending him some samples of my composing, he liked where I was going with the music and decided to take me on as the composer.

Because of the time period I wanted to mainly use a string quartet and piano, with moments of a bigger orchestral arrangement for the intense scenes. I chose to use 2 Cellos, 1 violin and 1 viola; I chose 2 cellos instead of 2 violins because the overall tone of the film was very dark because of the prohibition time period. I have recently become obsessed with Taiko drums (mainly because of Bear McCreary and his amazing composing for some of my favorite shows) so I really wanted to find a way to bring the sound of Taiko's into the prohibition time period. After all was said and done I am really proud of the final result and I hope you enjoy the film and the music. I really look forward to working with Brett in the future, he is an amazingly talented director and really great to work with.

Feel free to head over to the website at www.drylandfilm.com for more details! Due to festival submissions this film is not publicly available for viewing. Stay tuned for updates on showing dates on my twitter account at Twitter.com/RobbHutzal.