FirstCom/Universal Music Library

Post date: Aug 27, 2010 8:01:46 PM

I am pleased to announce that RedElect, a group of which I am a founding member, placed three songs with Universal owned "FirstCom" music library. These songs are in the Pop genre and will be used for placements in film and TV.

About FirstCom Music

FirstCom Music, a leading music services provider, offers the most comprehensive musical selection worldwide with more than 140,000 tracks in the following libraries: FirstCom Music®, Chappell® Recorded Music, Chronicles of Hip Hop, MusicHouse, OneMusic, AccessMusic, Connect, Chappell European Classical Series, EVO, DarkFly, Gotham Music, Galerie, Headspace, HollywoodMusic, NoisePump LTD, See Trailer Tracks, TotalAccess/Vivid! and Velocity.

Founded in 1980, FirstCom Music was the first to release production music libraries on compact disc. Today, FirstCom Music produces and markets music services for television, radio and multimedia uses the U.S. and abroad. FirstCom Music is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Los Angeles.

Further details can be found at Dynamic Producer