NICK Biography Of A Determined Man

Post date: Dec 10, 2010 6:58:43 PM

Nick Vujicic approached Kellen Mills and myself to compose the score for his video biography, NICK Biography Of A Determined Man. Kellen and I both graciously accepted this unique opportunity to compose a score for what I consider one of the most influential people in the world. Kellen and I have both composed various short scores for video clips in the past, but this was our first journey into writing an original score for a feature length film.

There was much to learn composing our first feature length film, both technical and creative in nature, but after a month of video chats, voice chats, and phone calls (Kellen lives in Los Angeles, I am in Calgary at the moment) we completed our first full score. I feel like I know Nick Vujicic personally considering how many times I have seen the biography during the composing phase! I have to say that throughout the whole process I was amazed at how technology has really changed the way music is made. If this were 15 years ago there would be no way Kellen and I could collaborate over the internet composing a score in two different counties for the same project, but alas we live in the modern era of cutting edge technology that allows musicians, composers, producers alike to make music without ever physically meeting.

I produced, engineered, and mixed the musical score, in addition to co-writing the music with Kellen Mills. We are very proud of the end product and we can't wait for you to watch this engulfing biography about a man that looked like he didn't have much of a future, but is now playing a key role in the lives of individuals by encouraging them to dream big and go after their goals regardless of what their circumstances look like.

NICK Biography Of A Determined Man features the song "I'm Alive" by Josef Gordon (written by the trio Josef Gordon, Robb Hutzal, and Kellen Mills) from Josef's debut EP, The Verdict - EP. Now for sale on iTunes!